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Monthly Content Creation

first published: 18th June 2020

updated: 6th April 2022

You can cancel your subscription to this service at any time*. At time of writing, prices start at: £40/month - 5 posts, £75/month - 10 posts, £100/month - 15 posts, £120/month - 20 posts.

Monthly Content Creation includes the design of normal social media posts (i.e. quotes, top tips, images and giveaway posts). Event campaign images are not included in this package and can be purchased separately (see Social Media Event and Campaign package in Social Media).

*clients who sign up for 6+ months to receive the free Social Media Set-Up/Refresh package can leave at any time after 6 paying months. If these clients wish to leave their subscription earlier, they will be billed the full price of a Social Media Set-Up/Refresh package (£50 at time of writing).

All other T&Cs will be uploaded here soon. You can contact Amy Walters Design to find out more.