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Three ways to retain customers and clients with good design!

Whether you’re selling beautiful products or delivering a professional service to your clients, you’ll want to keep your customers coming back, and good design goes a long way. Here are three ways good design helps you to retain your customers and clients

1. Be consistent

It’s important to customers that they can trust you and your brand. It’s also important that they recognise you. One way to achieve both of these at the same time is to be consistent.

Consistent = trusted. Customers know who you are and what to expect. This is a comfortable place for customers to be because there’s no uncertainty. It applies to lots of areas of your business, from your products & services, to your communication, to your branding. The more consistent you are, the higher the level of trust your customer will feel.

Consistent = recognised. Customers will see your content and instinctively know it’s from you. Take the following example:

When you see the deep purple and the word ‘chocolate’ together, a brand immediately comes to mind... This loops back to the ‘trust’ a client feels when they see and immediately recognise you, whether that’s on social media, in a printed advert, or your product itself.

How can I be more consistent? - Consider your branding, does it need a refresh? Do you have a set of guidelines to follow? Are you just starting out and need to build a brand from scratch?

- Use templates! Whether it's for social media posts or invoices or letters, have a set of branded templates that are ready for you to pick up and use

2. Make your customers feel good

A few years ago, I attended a brilliant talk by Adrian Webster on TNTs: Tiny Noticeable Things. He describes them as “all the little unexpected things that we do for others that show them just how much we care. They may be tiny and cost next to nothing but they are highly explosive – they create the biggest, longest lasting pictures in people’s minds, and make a very big difference.” – Adrian Webster

When a customer has a positive experience with you vs. a mundane one, it can be the difference between them remembering you and forgetting you, them buying or walking away.

Say you’ve hired a decorator to do up your living room. When the decorator arrives, they greet you with a smile and get to work. You notice that they remove all of the light fixtures and plug sockets and carefully tape around the edge of the walls. In fact, they appear to spend more time prepping the room than they do painting it. When the painting is done, they invite you to take a closer look. Every line is completely straight, there are no rogue paint strokes, and it’s all extremely tidy. It makes you wonder if your other rooms need a bit of TLC to meet this new standard. You know that you’ll feel good every time you’re in this space.

How can I make my customers feel good?

Consider all parts of the customer journey, put yourself in their shoes, go above and beyond when you can. Complement that with 'feel good' design - hire a designer to help you go that little bit further with your marketing materials, both in print and on social media, such as designing a bespoke branded thank you note to give your customers

3. Trust the experts

In design, there are lots of small things that can make a huge difference to the customer journey. There are ways to go above a beyond in print, by choosing quality paper or adding spot UV. A graphic designer can advise you on the extra touches, set all of them up and liaise with the printing company for you to make the process easier.

There are ways to improve your booklets or leaflets that have a lot of text, by considering rags, widows and orphans. A graphic designer knows the design rules to follow to give your booklets and leaflets the edge above your competitors.

Returning to the decorator analogy, imagine when the decorator leaves, they hand you their business card in case you'd like any more work done. The design of the card is tidy, clean, and it feels good to touch – it’s been layered with spot UV. You notice their branding, it looks professional and friendly - and it's memorable. This fits the experience you have had with them. And vice versa, if you had received this business card before enquiring about the project, you would have been expecting a high level of attention to detail and friendly service. You are likely to not only become a returning customer but also share your experience, and the business card, with friends and neighbours who are in need of a decorator.

How can I find a graphic designer to help me?

Have a search on Google for designers local to you, or browse Graphic Designers on LinkedIn. For a more bespoke experience, it's better to approach a designer directly than through an online marketplace. To save you the hassle of searching, have a browse of my design services and get in touch to discuss how I can help you :)


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