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Does my business need a logo?

Updated: Feb 16

If you find yourself asking this question then you’re likely to be considering the appearance of your business (it’s brand) and the costs associated with it. In this article I explore and unpack this question for you, to help you find your answer.

As a freelance graphic designer, I’m always drawn to new and interesting logos that I see whilst I’m out and about. In some cases, I can still remember the business weeks after sitting behind their van in traffic, walking past their shop, or seeing it on a jumper! A good brand is a memorable one and it’s memorable for the right reasons.

I have a name, why do I need a logo as well?

How many times have you said or heard the phrase ‘I don’t remember the name, but I’d probably remember the face’? I say and hear this phrase so often, and I’m willing to bet you do too. Science Friday explains that there’s a scientific reason behind remembering faces better than names and it’s to do with humans being ‘visual creatures’ and a face being a ‘much richer stimulus’ than a name. Essentially, we like to see interesting things more than we like to hear names.
I’d suggest that the same biology applies when potential customers, clients, and donors see a logo. They remember it because their brains have had more to process and therefore more to remember.

Okay, so I need something visual but what?

Millions of people see and use millions of businesses every single day so yours needs to be memorable. It doesn’t need to be memorable for every person that will see it, but it needs to be memorable for the people who count. These are the people who will grow your business by becoming a new customer, a new client or a new donor. The visual part of your brand, your logo, can be used to sum up who you are and what you have to offer.

Here’s one of my very first logo designs. What’s the logo for? Cakes, of course. Working with Becca, the owner of Becca’s Cupcake Creations, I used images of her cupcakes to aid my initial sketches and designed a logo that summed up who she was and what she was offering. The logo uses sweet-inspired colours, and a fun but easily read-able, recognisable font. Her business is professional and creative, messy but clean, and she needed a logo that showed this to her customers.

I’ve built a successful brand without a logo, what about me?

Some businesses, such as trusts, might find that by word of mouth and actions they have built a successful brand that is known by many. Their brand is based on the work that they do, the words that they use, and the people that they work with. If it works for you, I’m not going to tell you to change what works because different things work for different companies. However if you’ve built a successful brand without a logo, and you’re reading my article today, it could be because you’re considering that something might be missing from your brand and that something might be a logo.
I’d like you to think about what a logo could do for your business. It could make your business more memorable, it could show people what you do, it could give a glimpse at who you are. What else could it do? Take a look at the logo below:

This is the logo that I designed recently for Ashford Youth Trust. The name tells you that it is a trust fund for youth in Ashford. The logo showcases the acronym that the trust uses to shorten their name: AYT. The colours add important visual stimulus to the company name and acronym. The ‘…’ suggests that they are writing the story, continuing forward, not static. The letters aren’t contained in the box which suggests they are a business that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. The bright colours are fresh to appeal to a range of people from youth leaders and youth groups to new donors. Ashford Youth Trust is a new trust formed to give money to youth groups in Ashford to enhance their services, and to make connections between youth services in Ashford. Their logo isn’t as obviously visually descriptive as the logo above from Becca’s Cupcake Creations, instead it tells their story using their name and text & colour placement to appeal to their wide audience.

So, do I need a logo or not?

Have a think about it. Do you need a logo? Would a logo enhance your brand? If you’re just starting out, I would say absolutely! If you’ve been in the business game a little while without one, I would still say yes! A logo is another way to voice your brand and to shout about your business.

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