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How to make a branded email signature

Updated: Feb 16

There are all kinds of ways to sign off an email: 'kind regards', 'many thanks', 'best wishes', but what follows next? Is it just your name, i.e. 'Have a great weekend, Amy'? Or do you have a link to your website and display your contact details? Building a branded email signature is a great way to add extra personality to your emails and ensure that clients and customers always have access to your website, contact details, and more.

Until recently, my email signature was as basic as it could get. I checked 3 boxes:

  1. My name

  2. My business name

  3. My website URL

It looked like this:


Amy Walters Design

Strictly speaking, there's nothing wrong with this email signature. It's simple, clean, and contains a link to my website.

But then I remembered an excellent free email signature-building tool I discovered whilst working for a charity last year. It's called Signature Hound.

With Signature Hound, I was able to build my email signature quickly and easily using their tools, and then copy the source code to paste into my webmail app. Here's what I designed:

Suddenly, the end of all my emails are now used to advertise my business, promote my social pages, display my award badge, and finish with a CTA (call to action) to download my services booklet which contains all my latest services and prices for new and existing clients.

So, are you making the most of your email space? Have a look at Signature Hound and see what you can create. If you get a little stuck, or you'd like to hire me to design an email signature for you, then drop me an email or message me on any of my social channels.

Amy :)


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