• Amy Walters

A Logo Refresh for COREA Photography

Logo design isn't just for new start-ups and companies, it's also for more established businesses and freelancers! If you made your logo yourself or hired someone to make a quick logo early on in your business journey, you'll likely reach a point of outgrowing your current logo and branding and start looking for something more. That's when you can work together with a graphic designer to create a logo you love, and that's exactly what Rob from COREA Photography did.

"I am delighted with the new logo that Amy designed for me and I loved how she incorporated little things into it that had a lot of meaning for my business and that were also relevant to my target customers." - Rob, COREA Photography

The Original Logo

I absolutely loved the concepts and ideas behind COREA Photography's original logo. I'll start by sharing with you Rob's explanation of the name of his business: "Firstly, COREA is an acronym that stands for Cameras Of REA, which are the initials of my name. Secondly, COREA sounds very much like the country Korea, which is where I was born and as such it holds a special meaning to me."

Now that you know where the name has come from, you might have worked out the idea behind the tri-colour centre in the original logo. It is inspired by Korea's Sam-Taegeuk Symbol. Around the edge of the symbol are shapes layered in such a way to mimic the shutter of a camera lens, very clever!

Starting The Refresh

To begin the process of refreshing COREA Photography's logo, I needed to first understand what Rob wanted to achieve with his new logo, what he wanted to keep from the old logo, and any other 'must-dos' and 'must-don'ts'. These were:

  • Must remain recognisable to people who already know the business

  • Must be usable as a single colour logo

  • Keep the font style as a nod to Korean Calligraphy

  • Not attached to the icon used in the original but want something with meaning

  • To be used across a variety of digital platforms and in printed marketing materials

Along with these must-dos and don'ts, I considered COREA Photography's target audience when re-designing the logo (engaged couples looking for Rob's style of wedding photography).

"Amy was very professional and engaging from the very first session where she learned more about my business and my target demographic through to the delivery of the final logo." - Rob, COREA Photography

The Refreshed Logo

The new logo for COREA Photography is made up of a few components:

The icon

A simple icon, inspired by the Sam-Taegeuk symbol in the original logo and the shutter of a camera lens, combined together to create something clean and simple. By leaving some negative space in the centre, the shape also represents a ring (like those exchanged during a wedding ceremony).

The typeface of "COREA"

After spending a lot of time considering the different font options available for COREA Photography's new logo, I just couldn't find what I was looking for. So I put pen to paper and made a custom typeface for "COREA". It kept a similar feel to the original, whilst being bolder and easier to read from a distance.

Clean font

I presented a few different sans serif font options for "photography" and this one works brilliantly because the clean, circular letters sit nicely beside the circular icon above, whilst also complementing the font style of "COREA".

Carefully chosen colours

Colours were a big consideration. We needed them to be unique, wedding-y, professional but not too corporate, and versatile so they could be used in digital and print. The colours we settled with are less bright and more muted, with navy as the main colour (often the colour of suits at weddings). The colours of the new logo still hold some blue, yellow, and red values so you can see the inspiration of the Sam-Taegeuk symbol colours. As well as the 4 colours above, I included 3 lighter shades as part of COREA Photography's new colour palette.

Favicon and single colour version

One of Rob's must-haves was a logo that could be used in one colour. He also wanted an icon to be used as the favicon on his website. The new logo ticked both boxes:

I loved working together with Rob to refresh his original logo into something new. If you're considering a logo refresh, you can get in touch with me at (or on any of my social media pages!)

"A rebranding exercise is never fun, but Amy made it seem effortless and I definitely made the right choice in trusting her with my brand." - Rob, COREA Photography